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 What's new ?

23.05.2020   8 years have passed - And my Bard's Tale "clone" is finally done. Check it out here:

07.07.2012   Goofed around with The Bard's Tale. So i added two new features: Unrealtime and "Hypertime".
By pressing F1, you can toggle between standard 4 MHz realtime mode and unlimited Z80-speed.
So, Bard's Tale plays a lot faster in "unrealtime-mode". But there's one more option. If you press F11 while
in "unrealtime-mode", the 300 Hz ticker interrupt isn't realtime anymore, too. For Bard's Tale it means
real fast Spellpoint-recharges and lots of monster encounters.
Get V1.02 now if you want to see a real fast CPC.
You might also take a look at my (never finished) Bard's Tale Clone for Windows herehere and here.
If you are curious, you may even download the clone here. You can only step into the Guild and empty
buildings. But you can build your own party and walk around in Skara Brae. Use the cursor keys or
J, K, L as in the CPC version. Press X to leave the game.

01.01.2008   Play LOGD here :-)

17.09.2006   Another update, just to prove the last one wrong :-)
I just browsed the sourcecode of arnimedes, and there i stumbled across the sound timing problem
completely by chance - fixed it in 2 minutes - and voila, the sound output of the windows version is
now much better. Also included in v1.01: experimental "raster filter". This works only in mode 1 and
replaces alternating pixels of different color with the color between them. Some pictures get a whole
new look this way.
Get version 1.01 from the download section now.

13.05.2006   Hi! You might have guessed it - There won't be another version of Arnimedes anytime soon.
My time is too limited to improve it. But have a look at my new, improved CPC
Or, see the reason for not updating this site for almost 4 years - my portfolio

18.07.2002   The Windows version is finally here !
It's a complete rewrite, and not all of the features of the DOS version made it into v1.0, but it
has a few new features.

New features of the windows version:

Missing or broken things:


 System requirements: